Full Moon Rollie Special Edition

Happy Full Moon Festival!

We, at Wheel Cards team, want to sincerely thank every rollie supporter. We are making history together by creating disability-friendly web3.0 space with rollie NFTs.

Sale Details

We are excited to announce our 888 Full Moon Special Edition Rollies. The sale will begin at 1PM UTC on September 21, 2021, the beginning of Full Moon Festival. The drop will continue everyday at 1PM UTC until September 30th, 2021.

Raffle Details

Full Moon Special Edition Rollie owners will be able to participate in Youtube LIVE Raffle
(tentatively at 11AM UTC on Oct 4, 2021; Raffle Link will be given out in Wheel Cards Discord Channel (link) ).
If all the special editions get sold out, 3 Tesla Model S equivalent of BUSD Prize will be given out to 3 winners during our Youtube LIVE Raffle. So, each winner would receive 1 Tesla Model S worth of 69,420 BUSD.
[Raffle Winners]
#103, #308, # 701
Please send us a DM to our twitter account! @WheelCards
Most of the raffles have 1 in 13,983,816 chances. That's 1 shot in almost 14 million. But with Full Moon Special Edition Rollie, it's only 1 in 296 chances. We are here to celebrate Full Moon festival with rollie family!
3 TESLA MODEL S equivalent of BUSD will be given out!


888 Full Moon Special Edition Rollies would have unique attributes that cannot be found on other Rollies.
These attributes include:
Chinese lanterns,
Moon Cakes,
Full Moon,
Full Moon with Bunnies (White, Zombie, Ape, Superhuman Bunnies),
White, Zombie, Ape, Superhuman, Different Bunnies
Pomelo Hat
The entirety of the 888 Full Moon Special Edition Rollies will be announced during the Youtube LIVE Raffle. The date is tentatively set on Oct 4, 2021 at 11AM UTC.
For future wheelchair games, Full Moon Special Editions will have EXTREMELY unique abilities. So, please be excited!


Each Special Edition Rollie will be priced at 888 BUSD and the proceeds from the sale will go to Wheel Cards Scholarship Fund for students with disabilities at Fulbright University Vietnam.
Wheel Cards Scholarship Fund is the World's First scholarship fund that is created from NFT sales.
Again, thank you, rollie family, for making history together! Check out this official announcement of Wheel Cards Scholarship program:


For anyone curious or just want to communicate with Wheel Cards Team, please come to our Ask Me Anything Session. The AMA will happen at 11AM UTC September 21, 2021 @WheelCards Discord Channel: